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Keith Herber

Doc may have left us early, but he's still with us in a very real sense. His work and example will live on through Miskatonic River Press, and in that respect everything we do is dedicated to his memory.

A product of toxic Detroit, Keith's contributions to Call of Cthulhu included Fungi from Yuggoth (Day of the Beast), Trail of Tsathoggua, Spawn of Azathoth, H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands, Arkham Unveiled, Return to Dunwich, the Investigators Companions, and the Keeper's Compendium, along with numerous single scenarios, articles, and background material written for the game. As Call of Cthulhu line editor from 1989-1993 he published a number of CoC books, including Mansions of Madness and The Stars are Right, along with developing the popular Lovecraft Country line and launching Chaosium's line of Mythos fiction. He also contributed to White Wolf's Vampire game, including the novels Dark Prince and Prince of the City.

After a long period of time outside the game, Keith was pleased to be back publishing for Call of Cthulhu, and laid big plans for Miskatonic River Press. Those plans, and more, will all hopefully come to pass.

Friends and enemies alike called him Doc.

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